The Godzette
Love the Lord thy God with all your mind, body, soul, spirit and heart.

The Godzette is a weekly publication and editorial from the throne of God in the third heaven based on scripture and God breathed into the hearts of millions of believers, which is put on this earth for review and application.  The intension is to neither add nor remove from that which has been so eloquently penned in the truth of the King James Bible; but to enhance and support the validity of all the verses so that not one jot or tittle shall be changed and that the blessings or curses shall fall accordingly on the lives whom participate, or choose not to.  The following scrolls of articles are amassed for our insight and to rightly divide the Word of God in the comparison of scripture and interpretation through the Holy Ghost.  As you browse through the library watch for the many signs, wonders and secrets of the Kingdom to be revealed.


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