The Godzette
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Follow Me

This was two of the greatest words ever spoken from the mouth of Jesus. It was so simple, yet for some so difficult.

The children of Israel were led into the wilderness for forty years, where God appeared to them by a column of fire at night and a cloud cover by day. They were in total disobedience and refused to follow him and his commandments; continuously complaining, although their every need was taken care of.

Jesus commanded his disciples to follow him, that he would

make them fishers of men. Some claimed that they would follow him wherever he

would go, and did. One wanted to first bury the dead, while others had many excuses why they couldn’t follow him. He told some to give everything to the poor, therefore storing their treasure in heaven. Others he told not to be afraid, only believe. He wanted them to deny themselves and take up his cross daily. Some wanted to bid farewell to relatives. Jesus told them to put their hand to the plow and not look back to be worthy of the kingdom of God. He claimed that his sheep would hear his voice and follow him. He in turn would give them eternal life and no man would pluck them out of his hand, because his father had given them to him.

The only place that they could not immediately follow him would be his ascension into heaven, but promised they would follow him afterwards.

We are given the opportunity to follow Jesus daily throughout our lives. We reject him in our manner of dress, our foul language, and our hatred for our neighbor, our lack of prayer, and our love for money and what it can buy us. We lust at the sight of everything and our minds are full of wicked and evil thoughts.

Every human being has been given a soul and free will. If we would just follow our hearts, we would follow Him.