The Godzette
Volume 19, First Edition Pricele$$
Check Out My Butt

The bible says that when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden they covered their nakedness. God inquired who had informed them that they were naked?

By divine inspiration and design everyone and every species is given a butt to function for one specific reason… to induce humility through the primal activity of excreting waste. Everything about the act is degrading and anti-ego resistant, instilled on a daily basis to remind us that we are human. From the pungent smell

through the act itself, we finish our duty with speed and accuracy to resume our return to society, giving it little importance.

Recently my three year old granddaughter attended along with my daughter on a trip to the gynecologist for an annual checkup. At the opposite end of the sheet, she was seated near her mother’s head and watched as the doctor partially disappeared behind the sheet to attend to the business at hand. The young child’s mind conjured up what just happened and turned to her mother and asked, “ Is he going to check my butt too?” Needless to say the doctor, nurse, and her mother almost fell on the floor with laughter. The three year old wanted to know what was so funny? God’s sense of humor is what is so funny. Once you’ve witnessed a baboon’s behind in living color, you’ve seen the rainbow promise to never destroy mankind again. Praise the Lord for giving us a sense of humor along the way. It is a humbling experience to have something so ugly following behind you all your life, especially with a crack in it. What was God thinking?