The Godzette
Volume 16, First Edition Pricele$$
Tude, Dude

Aptitude is the ability to do something and attitude is usually a negative feeling against it or while doing it or not doing it. Aptitude is a god given gift that you were born with or received the skill for along the journey of life. Attitude is something you also have acquired with time, but is not productive to being a Christian.

Attitude is attached to the ego and pride based. A negative attitude is counter productive to everything and pure misery to be around. Your attitude speaks volumes about your walk with Christ. If you do not have a good attitude more than likely you are walking alone. In the bible God’s attitude was always one of hope and compassion in the acceptance of man’s disobedience and hardened heart.

Can you imagine what would have happened in the garden with Adam and Eve if God would have copped an attitude from the very beginning? He ostracized them from the garden for their own protection until he could provide a way for their redemption through salvation. This also applies to every other character in the bible as well as you and me. God has patience and is long suffering without an attitude.

The aptitude that we acquire in doing anything is a gift given to us by the Lord. We are not alone in this world and left fending for ourselves, although sometimes we feel that way due to our lack of faith. God is there for us every step of the way, sometimes until the bitter end waiting for us to surrender our all unto him. When we do, life becomes all about his will for us and not about our own will through our stubbornness. We were created and given a soul by God to conform to the requirements of being a Christian or Christ-like and prepare ourselves to enter the kingdom. Our aptitude will prepare us to walk the narrow path that leads through the gates of heaven, however we will leave our attitude far behind.