The Godzette
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Responsible and Accountable

Make no mistake about it, each and every one of us is responsible and accountable for our sin committed against God. Jesus told Mary Magdalene to go and sin no more when she was accused of being a prostitute and the people wanted to stone her to death. The entire city of Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of their ungodly sin. Moses and King David both were penalized for their sin against God; all throughout the bible godly men are held accountable for their corruption against God’s holy word.

We must seek God through true repentance in prayer and by changing our lives through our actions. If we love him and want to do his will and not our own, we will abide by the laws of which he asks

us to live by. If we understand that we are indeed held responsible and accountable for our sinful actions against God and that we must suffer the consequences because God is holy, we truly wouldn’t want it any other way. If God made exceptions or bent the rules he would have to do it for everybody. If he did it here on earth he would have to do it in heaven for all eternity. It would no longer be a place of purity and truth, nor would God be. God is not a liar, the devil is. What his word claims is no more or no less; it is the way it’s going to be. The bible is not some fairy tale; it is very real and God’s instruction manual to live by. The business of saving our souls is extremely serious. The book of revelation explains that Christ was here the first time as a lamb; the second time he will come as a lion and pour out his wrath upon disobedient sinners.

God is fair and just. He is going to make sure that every last soul that he has created will hear the truth and the decision is then left up to them. We don’t get to do every little thing our heart desires, unless it is by God’s will and direction. When he instructs us we must obey. When we live in disobedience we will be reprimanded for our sin. This temporal life is more than about our ego and self-centeredness of what’s in it for me. The question is what’s in it for God? We didn’t create our self and this world in which we live; he did. What right do we have to lay claim to anything? If God says don’t sin because we are responsible and accountable, we better believe it.