The Godzette
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Auld Lang Syne (Old Long Ago)

God said you must become as little children to enter into His Kingdom. If that is true (and it certainly is) why didn't he create us with old age and let the clock tick backwards so that we get younger with each year that passes until we are little babes ready for heaven automatically? Instead of being born as an infant we would be created as an elderly person, similar to how the earth was created with age. The reason that God didn’t do this is that he wants an elderly person on the outside, but a child on the inside; meaning through the aging process we must drop all of our stuff: pride, arrogance, materialism and swap our hearts for, truth, innocence, meekness the way Christ came to this earth and remained during his adulthood. Wisdom would finally dethrone ignorance in us and

rule in the natural order of things throughout our life.

When I was a little kid, before I could get something new, I had to give away the old thing, wear it out, or out grow it. However, having achieved that, the new thing would soon take the course of the other, and it too would be ready for the transformation process.

It is fantastic to be growing old because it is what God has in mind. It finally gives us an appreciation for having been young once with awareness for everything that we enjoyed, instead of taking all of it for granted. When our teeth and hair fall out, our skin wrinkles up like linen, and our pace isn’t quite as snappy, all this means is that we are getting closer to being with our creator. Eventually we will be transfigured into what his will is for us, which is guaranteed to be something quite wonderful.

If only we would take the billions of dollars spent annually on the fountain of youth products, face lifts and cosmetic surgery and channel it for the gospel to promote the good news. Jesus Christ would return today, because everybody would have heard of him and either accepted or rejected his offer. It is difficult to believe that not everyone has heard of Jesus, but they are out there in the world by the millions. Instead we support Satan with our antics of pride and arrogance on display, trying to reverse God’s process of what is best for us, which is to leave well enough alone. Some day our resistance, rebellion, hardheartedness and disobedience against God’s word is going to get stuck in our throats, so much so that on that day when he invokes roll call we will not have anything to say for ourselves.