The Godzette
Volume 4, First Edition Pricele$$
Always get an Appraisal

Whatever you do in life, whether it be dating, getting married, selecting a friend, perhaps picking out wall paper, even something not nearly as complex like buying or selling real estate, or just possibly something as simple as crossing the street… by all means appraise the situation by looking in both directions before you step off the curb to get run over. Getting an appraisal is kindergarten 101 and is one of the simplest things to do, and sometimes it concerns and affects your whole future, yet very few will discover the real worth of a situation because they are too lazy or ignorant to have an appraisal or would rather listen to someone else’s solicited stupidity.

Instead, some choose to form an idea on what something may be worth from just about anyone who has an opinion or better yet hold a public census. In other words let’s just guess at it and maybe not figure it out later. In this day and age of high technology, it is ludicrous to whip out a pencil and paper and jot down some nonsensical figure when there is a calculator available. This lack of fundamental and rudimentary research can cost millions and a lot of heartache and pain, and sometimes foil all the

groundwork laid in preparation for the great plan. Face value can be especially discerning and painful for someone who is apt to repeat his or her mistake, though they have been through the procedure more than a few times.

The preventative measure is to hire an expert, or so-called expert, especially when someone else is paying for the analysis. Duh! Then you know if the job doesn’t get done, you are either dealing with a bumbling idiot (check the mirror), or neglect… to the Nth degree, or simply you were flat sold out because of what you are. My money would be on the later because there is no justifiable reason or redeeming excuse for the malpractice of a surgeon who performs the wrong operation on the wrong patient and reaches for the toe tag explanation as an excuse. Next time you knock on a door where opportunity lives, get a certified appraisal before someone answers. Remember, only God gives you a blessing or a curse, depending on whether you listen to him or not.