The Godzette
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The Real Thing

Our refreshment is The Tree of Life where the river of God’s grace flows freely from His throne. Jesus Christ is the real thing; he is God the Son manifested in the flesh on behalf of our sins.

Satan is not the real thing and never will be. He is a copy-cat; a deceiver; a liar; an imitation baring false witness. There is nothing real about him and he is not good for anything.

When something does not line up with the

Word of God, quite simply it is not of God. If it is not the truth, it is a lie and belongs to the Father of lies… Satan.

Anything that God said was the truth and always became fulfilled. Everything that Satan claimed was a lie and never came to be. Satan’s promises are as empty as his manufactured smile. He is neither trustworthy nor believable and is always caught in his lies as the truth surfaces.

God is truly one of a kind and will never be reproduced or copied. His actions are pure and genuine. His promises are dependable and fulfilled. His commands go forth and will never return void. God is of his word and has never lied. His terms are his terms and nothing else is acceptable. Although he lives in a spiritual dimension and is not of the flesh, he is very real.

After Jesus was resurrected from the dead and he reappeared before his disciples, passing through a wall to join them inside the house, his flesh no longer had the restrictions of this earth. The molecules of his existence no longer had any limitations, but were totally independent from the restrictions of life on earth. He had been transfigured back to the real thing and was in his glorified state.