The Godzette
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Was Jesus an Extremist

The world points the finger at Jesus and claims that he was an extremist and perfectionist. They complain that His rules are too hard to live by and unrealistic for anyone to follow. They say the way he expects you to live your life is impossible. They say that he was the Son of God and he set too hard of a standard to follow. In other words they are looking for any excuse to sin and justify it.

That’s why the path is straight and the gate is narrow. That’s why he wishes you were either hot or cold, but lukewarm disgusts him. That’s why he claims he never knew you if you are a hypocrite and sinning. That’s why on the day of his return his wrath will be poured out. Everybody has had their chance at least

one thousand times, but on that day the whiners, the complainers, the finger pointers, the ones that were just too busy to be bothered with God will all scream for his help… but of course it will be too late.

Jesus was considered an extremist or purist because he told you how you had to live your life in order to enter in the kingdom of God. There are specific rules to follow, and if you don’t want to live that way, you’re not going to like it in heaven, nor will you be going there. Living here on earth is a training ground for heaven. That’s what we are doing here. It’s like going to boot camp before going to war. It doesn't make sense going anywhere or doing anything if you are not prepared. Jesus is trying to equip us for the journey ahead. Satan and his fallen angels were cast out of heaven because they were not in obedience and tried to overthrow what God had established. Do we think that we are any better and the rules don’t apply? We would be fools to even consider such a thought.

Was Jesus too strict? Why can’t God be the one to change? Why can’t God lighten up some? My question to you is why should God change a thing; he is holy. It’s his rules and his kingdom. It is simple, if you want in, you must change. You are full of sin; God is not. You either accept Jesus as the Son of God and your savior, and live your life accordingly, or have a nice day and go your merry way and prepare to live in hell for eternity. Those are your options. God has given you free will and the choice is yours to make; that’s as far as he goes. Praise the Lord that Jesus was an extremist. I thank God that he stands for something that I want to be a part of.