The Godzette
Volume 15, First Edition Pricele$$

Greed is one of the most destructive tools that Satan has mastered and uses to destroy our lives. It has ruined marriages, friendships, partnerships and just about anything that it comes into contact with. Greed is affiliated with pride, dishonesty, envy and many other destructive forces upon a person’s life. Greed is wanting more than what you have and need; thinking that you deserve it and it is owed to you. Some are known to achieve their goals by whatever means is available, all under the guise of being deserving and just to validate their desires of having more.

Greed is in direct opposition to everything that God is about. Giving, whether it is his love or life is the institution by which he has created everything but the world rejects. Taking or hording reeks of greed and promotes materialism in the life of a thief and ungodly person. Greed is an unnatural resistance to God’s order of

contentment in all things and always leaves the residue of wanting more. When greed lives in our house there will be a division from within and followed by a separation from the Holy Ghost.

Someone that greed has overcome is blinded by the thought of having more. Having less is why Christ came in humility, leaving behind his heavenly existence of royalty and ownership of the world. God wants every believer solely dependent upon him without need or want. Jesus was crucified on the cross stripped of everything from this world, including the faith and belief of just about everyone he had come into contact with. He ascended to the Father taking only his desire and love for God with him. At the end of our life, every possession that greed has brought to us will be left behind; leaving a vapor of existence with little importance to the flesh that lived.

If God was greedy with his patience and participation in our lives we would feel the loneliness in the lack of his love and care. God’s unconditional love and total forgiveness beckons our attention in noticing his commitment of giving without an expectation of return. It is our love for him that draws us closer to dissolve any thought of greed in what may be gained. That is why God gave first without demanding something in return, leaving the option entirely up to us whether we invite him into our life or not.