The Godzette
Volume 2, First Edition Pricele$$
When We Die

When we die, what has our life stood for? Where does our energy or soul go? What about all the lives we have touched, the people we have loved and met? Is it all for nothing just to learn lessons? What does all this mean and for what purpose has it served? These are all common questions that we may ask ourselves along the way.

The bible says whatever good deeds we have accomplished throughout our lifetime we will be rewarded with a crown. This crown will be to have something to lie at the foot of Jesus as an offering in heaven, an accounting that our lives have meant something. This is why the Day of Judgment is postponed and not dealt with on the day of our passing. Our deeds or

influences on others continue without end, and just like a bank account we continue to draw interest on our deposits made while here on this earth.

The short duration of time that Jesus spent on this earth touches our lives even unto this day. His deeds or works have echoed throughout time and changed the world, and will continue to do so until his second coming. His love and compassion have transformed every evil deed that Satan was able to think of into his righteousness. Death was conquered for all eternity by faith and belief in the unknown, therefore making it known.

God’s heavenly plan is on track just as it was spoken into existence from the beginning with perfection. There are no last second changes or alterations to fix something. We are in God’s perfect will with our lives and all is for the good of His Kingdom. His only request is that we accept his Son along the way, whom he sent for our redemption.

Let our works speak for itself and our lives fulfill and serve the purpose or will that God created us for. When we face our maker, let us reverence him by our actions of past and willingness of understanding our obedience in Christ. May we not be an embarrassment, nor wear shame on our brow, but stand firm and proud of our conviction in Him and be thankful for the inherited royalty that is before us. Let us serve in humility with the eagerness and assuredness that God’s Word is the truth, and his promises are for a keepsake into eternity.