The Godzette
Volume 8, First Edition Pricele$$
God's Kingdom

There will be no more tears shed at the throne of God, because mankind will never be destroyed by water again. Our brokenness and suffering will cease from existing, healed by the grace of God and the blood of the Lamb. God’s love and glory will be in abundance for all to receive in worship and praise. We will stand before him in all his radiance and magnificence, with a total understanding of his power and majesty. Our melted hearts will be pierced forever, eternally surrendered to his truth of holiness. Our souls will fly beyond any limits of gravity as quickly as the twinkling of a moonbeam is shot straight to heaven. The fire of his consuming love will envelop us instantly beyond our imagination or anything ever felt. His loving hands will

encompass our minds with compassion and warmth. We will remember our roots of his implantation, whereby he grew among us with maturity. Slowly we were nurtured to perfection for the moment of union and understanding of our existence, where nothing from the past matters… and all is for the goodness of the Kingdom that stands before us. Our existence will have been for his glory and the surrendering of our will to extinguish any fragment of disobedience. In that moment we will fuse ourselves as one with knowing our purpose of servant hood and humility.