The Godzette
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Breast Implants

Breast implants are of the devil’s design. Millions of women have been deceived into thinking that changing their anatomy is something that would be a good thing for them to do. Having men stare at you and lust after you because your breasts are bigger than the norm, is not something that ranks high on list of accomplishment in one’s life. Women are just as immature for having the surgery as men are in staring and fantasizing after the surgery.

Satan has taken something God intended for nursing infants and made it into something that the world has become infatuated with. Women have fallen into the trap of thinking it brings them power in trying to please a man, but in the end it has proven to be hazardous to your

health. Anytime there is surgery and a foreign object is inserted into your body for keeps, common sense tells you it can’t be to your benefit in the long run.

If your whole sense of self-worth is based upon something that is not of you, doesn’t that alone speak volumes? How can you take yourself serious when something of such tremendous importance is a lie? That is why the father of lies and the king of deception is behind the transformation of women in regards to being something that they are not. It is a gross misrepresentation of what God meant for you to be.

If only life were that simple that we could have an implant for something that we are lacking, eliminating the struggle or effort in overcoming. There would not be a sense of accomplishment, nor would appreciation ever cross our mind. Whatever we are lacking in life, we could just have it given to us at any time. The danger in that of course is that we wouldn’t need God for anything. Shouldn’t we be satisfied with what God has given us? He knows us better than we know our self. If he would have wanted us to have something different, he would have given it to us. We are superseding his decision about our life and basically calling him a liar and implying that God made a mistake when he formed us. Instead of a breast implant we should have a brain implant.