The Godzette
Volume 22, First Edition Pricele$$
Easter Truth

Easter is not about decorating eggs and chocolate bunnies, yet in a child’s mind and early on that is what they are led to believe. The devil has taken the true meaning of Easter and diluted and polluted it and tried to reduce the importance of it, until he has almost destroyed the holiness and significance that God has intended for the monumental event.

Easter is about getting dressed up and going to church not to celebrate mankind, but about reverencing God almighty for going to the cross to die for our sins and

being resurrected to await our acceptance of Him.

Satan desecrated the true meaning of Easter by attaching the bunny connotation and fertility rights into a mockery of what Jesus truly stands for. Our intension is lost in the complexity of the design. A woman frets and fusses more about her Easter bonnet than thinking about the platted crown of thorns that Christ wore for her.

As a society of sinners we have fallen into the trap of the comfort zone in our practices and religious beliefs. If something is not convenient and immediate we don’t want anything to do with it. It has to be effortless on our part and handed to us on a platter, which is the way God has provided it to us. You don’t have to work at faith and grace, it is gifts from God. His only requirement is that we love him with our entirety, and we love each other with the same respect that he has showed us.

The true blessing of Easter is missed out on by billions of people who are so enamored with their petty little lives and wrapped up into their own small world that they can’t see the big picture that God has drawn for them.

Easter is about eternal life that God graciously offers and bestows on those that believe and accept him. It is acknowledgment that he lives within the creation in which we exist, and his importance far outranks ours and his will must be performed through our obedience. Easter is not only the provision, but the means by which we accept God under his rules and conditions. It would be only through our selfishness and hardened hearts that we would neglect his love offering and security package of eternal life.