The Godzette
Volume 18, First Edition Pricele$$
A Spanking

What the world needs is to have her pants pulled down and have a good old fashion spanking. Her liposuction bottom needs to glow brighter than a lightning bug’s to wipe the smirk of sarcasm off her botox injected face. She is in total disobedience with God’s word and commandments, doing whatever she pleases... and then whining and complaining about it all the way to the nearest government office to collect her check. She is the biggest freeloader and parasite that God has ever seen, sponging off anyone that will believe her lies and whoremongering ways.

A change is about to occur that is going to rock the foundation of her being spoiled and arrogant, stripping her of her pride

and disgusting selfishness.

If you spank your child these days you go to jail. The bible says spare the rod and you will spoil the child and that is exactly what has happened. When you tamper with God’s law you are changing his order of rule and authority set down in the Garden of Eden. Who does the world think she is placing judgment on God’s golden rules of the bible and ripping out pages of his righteousness to throw away?

God’s wrath spanked the children of Israel in the wilderness for forty years. His exclamation of reaping and sowing are not just idle words. There is a price tag on sin and the buyer must be aware of his purchase. If you bruise yourself and claim that the Lord has beaten you, he will see that you get your wish. You will be spanked in the fires of hell for eternity.