The Godzette
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Things Just Happen

Things do not just happen. Every thing and I mean everything is in God’s order and by God’s design. If it wasn’t so, man would have destroyed himself a long time ago. Man is literally dumber than a rock and just as dense and sometimes just as immovable in his resistance and unwillingness to accept God’s guidance. Man still posses the free-will of choice to this day and continues to make blunder after blunder and learns very little from trial and error.

God knew of man’s stubbornness and disobedience of a hardened heart through his unwillingness to listen in the garden. Man was also obstinate against accepting

the consequences and wanted to blame someone else, even God himself.

God predestined man to be in Christ that is why we were formed or created in the image of God. Some day each one of us that becomes a believer will conform to the will of God and have the Christ-like mind set and live his life accordingly, purifying his heart and preparing his way to enter into the kingdom.

In order for this to just happen we do not leave it up to fate, chance or luck of the draw. We have to intentionally make the decision and choice to change our wicked ways and walk the narrow path of righteousness, with an unconditional submission and surrendering to the compassion of Jesus Christ in our life. There is no other way but through the grace of God. It is not something that we do, but recognize as the calling of God upon our lives and succumb to His love of heart and soul.

Even speaking this world into existence didn’t just happen; it took the power of God to command it to be so. He separated the light from the dark because it didn’t just happen. He formed man and animals and again evolution had no part in the process because it didn’t just happen. There is a design and purpose so that God’s love could be manifested and magnified through us and the gift of salvation is our reward. Even the air that we breathe doesn’t just happen; God gives us every second of time that we have on this planet and he chooses when to call us home.