The Godzette
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Before it's too Late!

In the Garden of Eden, God told Eve that from now on her desire would be for her husband, and he would rule over her. Adam was cursed because he hearkened unto the voice of his wife.

Men and women have been in rebellion ever since doing the very same thing for thousands of years. Women are not to love their husbands for how much money they have, or what he can do for her, or because he gives her anything her little heart wants. Women are to love their husbands because they genuinely love them, and nothing else is to influence that decision. If it does it is a sin and it is evil.

Men are not to listen to their wives to the

point that it takes them off course. Men were assigned by God to watch and take care of the garden. They are not to let their wives interject and tell them what to do concerning God’s will for the marriage. They are to listen to God’s commandments and do them without interference. If the wife refuses to conform and submit herself under the authority of Christ, God will handle it in a mighty way. Do not take the matter into your own hands, but step away and watch the reprimanding of the Lord take place.

The wife will be chastised for her disobedience and if she continues to resist God’s plan and will not come under subjection to her husband in Christ, a disciplinary action of God’s wrath will occur and her obstinate mind will have enmity cast on it.

Sometimes quicker than others, only God knows why and when, a series of tragedies will befall a person in disobedience and ciaos will strike repeatedly until the person comes under submission and lives in God’s will for their life. It is the only way for God to get the attention of a hardened heart, and the pressing of one’s life must occur until they are broken or turned unto himself or herself in reprobate.

Women’s liberation is wickedness from the devil designed to cause independence and separation of man and woman. God said that two shall be one flesh, and man shall cleave to his wife. Women’s liberation puts up a barrier and places women in a position to usurp authority over a man, which is against God’s will for a marriage. This is the reason for so many divorces and broken homes because women are trying to invoke and enforce something that is unnatural and against what God originally established for a blissful state of union. Men and women are different because God wanted it that way, and now the law has made them the same.