The Godzette
Volume 14, Second Edition Pricele$$

If you assess your life and realize that you live on an island in a social circle with no friends, chances are that you are spoiled and no one wants to be around you. Perhaps it was the way you were raised and were led to believe that it’s all about you, and possibly throughout your life you have never found out that it’s not true. That would more than likely mean that you may have a fifty year attitude that tries to convince the world that you are an exception to the rule and a very special princess, who by the way will not live happily ever after.

If you are spoiled your life will be an endless seam of rejection and dismay, only because it goes against the grain of God and everything that the kingdom

represents. When you are spoiled pride and arrogance is a cancer that is bonded to your personality and soul. It certainly is counter productive to anything that a Christian hopes to achieve with their life.

Someone that is spoiled thinks that they are owed something; they think that just by them being in your presence it is an honor for you to be able to worship them. Before they leave this lifetime to be with God, they are in store for some corrective measures and a good old fashioned fanny spanking. God’s paddle stings with pinpoint accuracy and leaves a lasting impression on your behind. If you sit down it better be in the bathtub to put out the fire, but it is far better than the fires of hell for disobedience.

To recap, spoiled is not good. At best it is far short of the expectations and magnificence that God has assigned to your life in his will to prepare you to be worthy in bowing before his eternal throne. Your soul was created to worship and praise him, not for pampering yourself with an inflated ego. Spoiled means something that is gone bad and is no longer able to be taken part of.