The Godzette
Volume 14, Third Edition Pricele$$

When you are no longer a babe on milk in your Christian walk with God, you will require some meat. In other words, when you eat, sleep, walk and talk Jesus with your every breath and he is all you can think about, you are ready for something fulfilling and with substance. The Word of God will take on clarity and the Holy Ghost will pursue you to reveal himself. No longer will a cloud loom over you, but the veil will be lifted and you will see clearly the truth and meaning of God’s word.

When you are in love with the Lord and you have dedicated your life to serve Him, nothing will intervene or come between your relationship. Not a wife, children, friends, work, sports, or anything else that might consume or control your life to take your time away from him. You will resist temptation and rebuke all sin from

entering your Christian walk and divide yourself from anything or anybody that is evil.

When you are partaking in the meat or manna of God, nothing else will satisfy your hunger or thirst for knowledge of Him. You will not be able to get enough of his spiritual food to nurture your soul and you will always hunger for more of his presence in your life. The wheat will be separated from the chaff and the house will be divided and fall if two people are not evenly yoked in the Lord. If one is heavily invested and the other is not, all of heaven and earth will not hold them or bring them back together. Every moment will be about seeking God. Flee from lies and compromise because it is death to your soul. Deceit and dishonesty is poison to your mind and against everything Godly and righteous. You live to be with the Lord and do his will for your life. You eagerly want to serve him and help the needy that are brought across your path. Heaven will serve a nine course meal in the Lord every moment. We will be filled to the brim with God’s love and guidance for eternity, having the meat of contentment in our hearts and the meat of his knowledge, wisdom and understanding in our minds.