The Godzette
Volume 14, Sixth Edition Pricele$$
Take Out the Trash

Throughout the course of life we have many experiences bombard us with negativity, and if we don’t resolve them but hang onto them the refuse mounts up until it overwhelms us. Simply put, if we consume something we must accept the responsibility to take out the trash before it smothers us.

The destructive forces of evil will preside in the complaint department and lurk about in our mind seeking validation to make us right by grumbling and whining about all things; finding nothing good about anything, but seeking the bad in everything. This cancer of deception is an illness born of Satan and its acidic effect will not only pollute our life and walk with Christ, but through time will affect and contaminate most that we come in contact with to ruin our witness.

Taking the easy path of condemnation and finger pointing leads to the road of self-destruction because we are all sinners. None of us are any better than anyone else. As part of God’s family, we are all in this together. We are born a

sinner and we will die a sinner. It is only by God’s grace that we are fortunate enough to walk with any sense of worth. God’s gift of salvation expresses his generosity to all mankind. The birth right of forgiveness was covenanted in to supercede the destructive forces of sin and give us hope and faith for eternal life.

When we allow the trash of our life to consume us and infiltrate our daily activities, it quenches and grieves the Holy Spirit in working through us. Because of our resistance to good thoughts through a condemning spirit, we choose to live through our own resources and limited ability instead of being guided by God. Obviously the blessings of life will not be in abundance and rarely present because we have allowed our wicked thoughts to override the joy and peace that is promised through a specified lifestyle offered. Instead, we select to focus on the lower thoughts of suppression and dismal overviews of life, clouding over the happiness that God intended for our lives. If you have trash overflowing in your life, rebuke the devil and take it out. Life won’t seem to stink as much.