The Godzette
Volume 14, Seventh Edition Pricele$$

House Divided

Twain shall become one, unless a man and wife are unevenly yoked. Inevitably the house will be divided and fall because of the resistance for either one to conform to the other’s ideals and beliefs. As a true believer every single thing in life has to be bible based. If there is not a distinctive line drawn in your heart Satan will know and prey upon you and your compromising spirit.

Through others he will seek to destroy your faith and deep roots that bear the fruit of Christ. He will attack you where it hurts, because he knows where you live. He will come at you through your wife or husband, the very least likely candidate will be armed and dangerous ready to dissect your very core of existence. Satan

will rob you of your trust and security in another, leaving you helpless, vulnerable, raw and exposed to his erosion of your soul.

You must stand firm in this short span of flesh existence to live eternally in spirit and be not divided. God is all that you have and once you forsake him, the emptiness of the world greets your every morning with the abandonment of your salvation. Once you are beguiled by Satan, you are tossed aside as worthless garbage waiting to be disposed of. You have traded being a child of God with blessings and promises, for the lies and curses of the devil as your corpse rots with each day that passes.

Guard your house with all your might. Rebuke the devil when guile is spoken from the lips of your mate. Pray that the hedge of protection will be kept in place, but if a division occurs stomp the dust from your feet without remorse. Know that God’s plan for your life cannot be successfully executed while the roadblock of resistance is in place. Recognize when the demons are on the march for control of your life and thwart the enemy with the love of God.

So shall the house be divided as the wheat is separated from the chaff, all in preparation for the kingdom to come where a mansion of completion waits to be moved in to.