The Godzette
Volume 13, Seventh Edition Pricele$$

In the Word

God is the owner, controller and provider of everything in this world. His Word tells us the truth of the celebration within our souls. The bible was given for us to read; when we fail to do so, it sends a message to God that we do not care about him. He crucified himself on the cross for our behalf, yet we can’t spend an hour a day to thank him for his love and giving us his precious Word.

The study of his Word benefits us tremendously and is something that we will retain when leaving this life to be with God. The time spent watching sport events, beauty pageants, or whatever frivolous distraction there may be in life is spent in vain. The time used in getting to know God’s promises and establishing

relationships with our fellow brethren is the only thing worthy of our creation.

God’s Word is not only a promise that will never be broken, but is the truth about our existence, substance and purpose in this life. It is the instruction manual by which we live and mold our lives in Christ to purify our hearts and souls in making us ready for eternity with God in heaven. God’s Word brings peace, joy and happiness to our life, with an overall view of spiritual contentment.

The bible references are examples of which we are to live by. God’s creation of men and women in the past was to live their lives as an instructional gauge for the future; earmarked with trials and tribulations of success and failure. The preparation of humanity for God’s kingdom supersedes centuries of refinement with the ultimate goal of readiness in Christ. God takes the history of mankind and makes it all good for the advancement of his glory, where his magnificence will rein with power and holiness in his living Word.