The Godzette
Volume 14, Fourth Edition Pricele$$
Our Every Thought

We are getting a small taste of heaven here on earth when our every thought is about God. That is what we will want to do in heaven is praise and worship God for loving us. When God is constantly on our mind we think about him when we wake up and think about him throughout the day and think about him when we go to sleep.

Our happiness, peace, joy and contentment comes from our thoughts about God. He dwells within us to nurture our desire in seeking him and bring goodness into our lives through family, friends and neighbors. When we fill our lives with God he fills us. There is no other love like the love of God to bring unity and conformity to our life with Him. We were created for the purpose of glorifying God in everything we do; not only in action but in thought. Making God first at the beginning and end of every day is moving closer to loving Him with the entirety of our mind, body, soul, heart and spirit.

The more our every thought is about

Jesus, the more we grow in love with Christ on the cross. When our thoughts are saturated with Jesus, so will our lives reflect these thoughts. We will live as he lives with us, in honesty, purity and goodness towards others. We will think of others before we think of ourselves, because that is what Jesus did and it gave him great pleasure in doing so. When our every thought is about God, there is no room for pride, arrogance or disobedience. We willingly want to live our lives in the truth of God’s Word and refine our thoughts continuously, getting closer to the Christian mind-set of loving unconditionally.

With prayer we focus and personalize our love in Christ to magnify our relationship with God. We cry out to him to be accepted into his kingdom of perfection and bliss. Sin becomes an orphan of rejection and has no place to lay his head upon our heart. There is no other existence obtainable with deeper meaning than our purpose of loving God with our every thought and allowing our lives to be consumed in his righteousness.