The Godzette
Volume 14, Fifth Edition Pricele$$

When a prayer is answered, whether it be a lost kitten returned, someone rescued after running out of gas or a life being saved from a terminal disease, the miracle is priceless. When our lives are faith based, no matter what the obstacle or disaster, we will not only overcome it but survive because of God’s will.

There is no amount of money that can replace the feeling when a prayer is answered by the Lord before our very eyes. A miracle performed by God gives our faith a boost beyond any words or expression.

God holds our souls in highest regard, not wanting one to perish. A value cannot be placed on any of his creation because in

his eyes we are considered priceless. Each human being that God has created and given a soul to is special, so much so that guardian angels have been assigned to help us throughout our life cycle. Our physical and spiritual needs are cared for on a daily basis as we are being prepared to enter into God’s kingdom.

In the gospel someone tries to offer money for the Holy Ghost to enter into them and create a miracle in their life. God’s love cannot be bought of course; his interest in us is priceless and unreachable any other way than accepting his Son as our savior. The price that Christ paid on the cross is without limitation. He gave it all and we could never pay him back in a million lifetimes. His sacrifice became our salvation and hope for eternal life supplied by God. When God spoke the world into existence, he knew that a price could never be placed upon something as precious and special as a human being. He gave his only begotten Son for the lives of Adam to the last man born on the face of the earth. God’s love for us is priceless.