The Godzette
Volume 21, Sixth Edition Pricele$$
Days Without End

In the glory of God days are without end. There is no start and stop of anything. Time will cease to exist and so will sin. Nothing will decay, rot or get old. God has designed heaven with perfection and completion just as he has with everything else.

Every soul that is saved will exist in God’s eternal bliss in the security of the loving hands of the Father. Our every need and care will be addressed with attentive compassion and willingness for accommodation. That is not to say that we will be spoiled and our every whim will be met. Our hearts will be purified in Christ and nothing will enter them with exception to the love of God and the fulfillment of His contentment.

Our days without end will not be of boredom nor filled with repetitiveness. Days will be of variety and surprise just as God fills them today, only without negativity of temptations or tribulations of evil. Just as God never forms or creates anything with duplication: via our personalities, fingerprints or DNA, so too will each day exist with uniqueness and excitement.

We will enjoy conversations with friends, family and other believers without the restraints of time. There will be no external pressures of a rat race existence or treadmill living. God will dwell among us as our creator and responsible for our soul. We will be in his Kingdom of peace and joy without worry or hardship. We will gather around his throne for worship and praise by the millions. The days will be without end because we won’t want them to end. Our bodies will not be tired and worn out and our delight will be in the partaking of what God has in store for us.

Spending eternity in heaven with God is something that we all think about and hope for most of our life. To know him face to face not as an invisible force but as our Father whose love is unconditional and never ending. His presence will be with us as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. His river of life will flow freely through us for all whom is willing to be in obedience of His word and love the way he has asked us to… days without end.