The Godzette
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Do Not Miss the Blessing

If you hear a voice deep within side you cry out “Don’t miss the blessing!” and you think it was God, more than likely it was. In fact you will receive conformation that it was him… when you miss the blessing. There will be a definite sign so remarkable and stunning to let you know that you’ve blown it, and that in your disobedience and rebellion God has taken the blessing away and left you with a curse because of your lack of faith and disbelief. Allowing your arrogance and pride to rule over you, God’s commandment becomes distant and foreign to your ears and Satan’s doubt convinces you that you know more than God, missing the blessing of a lifetime forever.

Just as you will not accept Jesus Christ as

your savior and live your life for him as he commands you to will land you in hell, so also will be your fate after rejecting the Holy Spirit when he calls out to you. You are flirting with the eternal fire of hell because you will not submit your life to the one whom gave it.

God is not a beggar. Don’t misconstrue his persistence and compassion as a sign of weakness; because one day when you suddenly feel a need to call on him, he might possibly not answer your request and you will be left with the realization that you are too late. You may be left in the wilderness to live out your life just the way you like it… alone and miserable without the Lord.

If you have a history of missing the blessings of life as promised by God, and are experiencing curses and difficulties, you might want to consider stepping down from off your steed and making an offering of your soul without demands or conditions. Be forewarned, your heart must be right and your offering genuine or it is useless to kneel before the altar and expect his acceptance. Not only will you miss the blessing of peace and joy, but your misery will out weigh your arrogance and ignorance.