The Godzette
Volume 21, Third Edition Pricele$$
Who Is Your Boss

If it is your wife, your husband, or in some cases your children, shame on you. The correct answer is God. He should be first thing in your mind and the last. His commandments are far more important than any honey-do list. If your spouse is consuming more of your time than God, something is seriously wrong and you had better check your salvation.. A reevaluation of your life and priorities should be done immediately. Take into consideration whom you are going to spend an eternity with. Ask yourself who has been there for you at every turn from the moment you were born. Who has unconditionally loved you no matter what you have done and forgiven you instantly without ever reminding you of your troubled past?

God does not nag, complain, or badger

you. If you are not living in his will for your life, he patiently, carefully and tenderly caresses you with correction to rid you of resistance and disobedience. As your boss and redeemer he wants the best for you; he knows the hurt and pain of being an outcast and rejected.

If your life is being dictated and ran by drugs, sex, materialism, or any other vice that places God second to it, your boss needs to be fired immediately. The creator of the universe and all that is within it does not need to fill out an application or solicit your approval. Your soul belongs to him because he formed it and gave it to you to use throughout your lifetime, which he will reclaim after you’re finished.

The law of God demonstrates that hot air rises quickly and the pull of His gravity is constantly felt. If we are all puffed up with our self how can God ever enter into our life with instructional value. Just as harmful is devoting our lives to someone or something else, and never having the time to seek God.

God only becomes our boss when we are in trouble and need something. We turn to him out of desperation or as a last resort. As long as everything is hunky-dory and running smoothly, God becomes a silent partner that we never want to hear from. If we treated anyone else that way we would never hear from them. In our selfishness, arrogance and ignorance we place God on a shelf and take him down only when it benefits us. The truth is that his participation in our life is always beneficial and rewarding. Our boss is the finest carpenter and only builds on God’s foundation of love and security, giving us faith and belief in the building he is erecting will last forever.