The Godzette
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Unequally Yoked

When a believer is married to an unbeliever they are unequally yoked, or not in alignment with Christ together. Their lives are spiritually headed in different directions. God is with one and not the other; prayers are heard and answered of one and not the other. They are out of synchronization and always in disagreement because of their major spiritual difference.

The person that is a believer will need to live his life according to God’s will and the unbeliever will live their life according to their selfish will. There will be a conflict of interest and continual disagreement until the eroding process ultimately leaves them divided. Fellowship and communion will not enter into a blissful state of peace and joy because there is no common ground in Jesus.

The temple of God in the believer has the welcome mat out for all Christians and fellow brethren. God dwells in their life in everything that they do because they find pleasure in living righteously to honor and reverence their savior. They recognize the sin debt that was paid for and the purpose of their existence and dedicate their life accordingly.

The nonbeliever is in a state of disobedience and rejection of God’s word and commandments. They bend the rules and rationalize with excuses, for the land of compromise is their favorite vacation spot for relaxation. In God’s eyes the unbeliever is considered an unclean thing and defiles the believer’s life with justification in wrong doing.

The believer lives his life in the spirit, while the unbeliever lives his life in the flesh. The believer has the water of God that quenches thirst; the unbeliever is the oil of Satan that is slippery and allows nothing to bond. Communication and companionship will be at odds because the two ingredients of opposition will never mix harmoniously in union. Without the love of God functioning in both lives the marriage is doomed for disaster and twain shall not become one. A marriage that is equally yoked will be one in prayer, bible study and regular church attendance. Unequally yoked will bring discord, reek havoc and dismay, and continuously be a pendulum of sporadic agitation and aggravation left without the hand of God to smooth the creases.