The Godzette
Volume 21, Fifth Edition Pricele$$
Express Lane

As a human being it is our nature to want to get in the express lane, zoom by everyone else and demand everything be perfect along the way. We are an instant society with a microwave mentality full of unrealistic expectations. We want the immediacy and capability of instantly being or having whatever we want when we want it.

The bible tells us that God’s ways are not our ways. He is long suffering and his patience is unmatched. One thousand years to us is one day to him. He waits for us to accept his grace in our life. He waited on the children of Israel for forty years. God is long suffering and knows our stubbornness and resistance in everything.

The world in which we live is structured around instant gratification. Our food,

clothing, automobiles and spouses are designed with throwaway technology in mind. What once was unacceptable has switched places with what is now acceptable. The express lane has become the fabric of our life and nothing has substance or longevity.

We raise our children in a hurry/scurry environment with little time spent in nurturing them. As a family unit God has been eliminated in the home, school and churches. We haven’t any time for anybody or anything; we don’t even have time for ourselves, much less time for prayer and talking with God.

We stand in the express lane with five items or less impatiently waiting our turn, wondering what is taking so long. Becoming a mature Christian takes time, patience and needs the endurance of the Lord upon our life. After the seed has been planted, the Christ-like qualities must age within us and be nurtured by God’s loving hands. There is no other way or shortcut except through Jesus. God put us on this earth to hone and prepare us for heaven, sifting the impurities from within for admittance into the Kingdom.

The next time you are on the highway of life and someone wants to pass you to enter the express lane, give them the right away to do so in knowing that the road in front of you leads to the wisdom and maturity of the Lord and that there is no short cut to learn what we all must learn.