The Godzette
Volume 21, Fourth Edition Pricele$$
Does Anybody Care

Does anybody care about anything anymore? Are people’s values, morals, and common decency extinct like the dinosaur? Is their word and handshake like a vapor, quick to appear and then become invisible? Has the world become a liar and deceiver with no thought of compassion or an ounce of empathy for anything or anybody? Is there any respect for

another human being in need or in trouble? Has everyone become so cold hearted and detached that there is no love expressed or displayed for anyone else but ourselves? If one didn’t know better, you’d think we were in hell or surely on our way.

America is still the greatest country in the world to live in, but things have changed so dramatically and for the worst over the past decade. Unfortunately, America is dried up at the tit with the milk of human kindness, and her citizenry is questionable of having an ounce of concern for another when it directly affects the pocketbook. Even so there is a remnant of hope with a select few that will stand firm in God’s word, and not be swayed with compromise or diluting the truth at all cost.

The Red Cross is a wonderful organization, and Jesus is the founder whom spilled his blood there first. The Red Cross has been lending a helping hand to the world from the start, without receiving deserving gratitude or recognition. The anonymous acts and good deeds go mostly unnoticed by everyone but God. Anything having to do with the cross acknowledges and pays reverence to God for his gift to all of us.

How sad it is that nobody seems to care, just existing to get by. One day rolls into another and soon their life has passed by and ended without explanation or accomplishment. They never inquired about their existence or what their contribution has been. They eat, sleep, and go to work; on the treadmill of life going nowhere. Eternity has not entered their mind, nor has Jesus. They are empty without hope or faith in salvation because they never cared, nor did anyone for them. They are lost, and the only one that cares is God.