The Godzette
Volume 17, Second Edition Pricele$$
Lights Out

When the lights go out and your head hits the pillow, you could be anywhere. Are you alone? Do your thoughts turn immediately to God? Do you begin in prayer with thankfulness overflowing like Niagara Falls? Do you count your blessings for the day and are you happy to be alive and can’t wait for tomorrow to come?

People with a conscience of wrong doing can not just go to sleep. They are plagued by their sin, but continue to do it anyway because they figure it is too late for them. They dread the morning coming and despise the day that has gone. They don’t know Jesus and could care less about being thankful for anything. For them there is nothing exciting to look forward to. They are bored with their life and don’t

know what to do about it; every day is pure drudgery and empty. It is a small example of what hell will be like.

When the lights go out we are left with our thoughts and ourselves. If we don’t like our self, we are in big trouble. It is at this moment of true loneliness and searching that we need to find Jesus and begin a personal relationship with him. If we will listen, he will answer all of our questions, and we should never question the answers that are given. It is up to us to seek God and learn the lessons of life before it is too late.

If we have to constantly busy ourselves and surround ourselves with people because we can’t stand being alone, we will never have a meaningful relationship with the Lord. It will be a superficial hype more to impress someone else than our self. God certainly knows the difference and you won’t be fooling him. How can you have an intimate relationship with God if your time is spent elsewhere, filled with frivolous chatter and empty moments of filler?

Next time the lights go out or on, talk to God. He has been waiting all of your life to have a conversation with you. God has all the time in the world, you do not.