The Godzette
Volume 17, Fourth Edition Pricele$$
Signs and Wonders

Throughout our existence God sends many signs into our life for us to wonder or ponder over. If we are paying attention, it is a form of communication between the creator of the universe and our self. Life changing events happen throughout the course of years that guide us in and out of trouble to mature us and prepare us as we evolve in Christ. These things would never have happened if left up to chance or coincidence: such as a spouse, children, friends, jobs, health, wealth or a million other details in life.

In the bible God talks about signs and wonders appearing in the sky during the end times. These signs are all around us constantly as miracles, yet they continue to go unnoticed. We are a walking sign

and wonder in someone else’s life. We have a direct impact like no other and it is an assignment from God by us meeting and having interaction with each other.

Christ crucified on the cross was prophesy fulfilled as a sign for our salvation. Man wonders about his purpose and questions the existence of God, when all the time the answer is in everything surrounding him. All his life he struggles to see the forest, but can’t because there is a tree blocking his view. Therefore, he doesn’t realize that he is standing in the middle of the forest and he cuts down tree after tree to improve his view, but there is always another one in the way. He never looks up, but always straight ahead. You must look up to see the signs and wonder.