The Godzette
Volume 17, Third Edition Pricele$$

Life unfortunately does not come with an eraser. When we make a mistake, it becomes part of us for a lifetime. God does not beat us over the head with it or remind us of it every day; it is forgiven if we truly repent for the sin and change our life by turning away. However, it does become excess baggage that climbs aboard our life and takes on more weight with each relationship, until we do confess it.

The provision of forgiveness is written with indelible ink in the contract between God and our self. Blame is tucked away in the fine print signed with invisible ink by the devil, which comes back to haunt us occasionally throughout our life.

Making mistakes is a way to keep our humility in check. Just when we think we are something, a whopper comes barreling our way to remind us that we are human. It sets us back to start again, only this time we have failure underneath our belt to adjust to. Life long struggle becomes an accepted way of coping with the past failures and setbacks of yesterday.

God’s love of compassion and understanding is like no other in the arena of forgiveness. Our mistakes are minimized and vaporized instantly with repentance. If we are burdened and sorrowful for our sin and our hearts are convicted, we will no longer be oblivious to the hurt and devastation that is left behind. We will have new found empathy for anyone wearing our shoes and be eager to point out the pitfalls of the sin.

Judgment comes only from God after we have refused his education. If we have become self-righteous and critical of others before checking to see if our own laundry is clean, may God remind us about his grace. I pray that God will armor us against the fiery darts of the devil and equip us with the courage to be bold and forthright in our stand for Jesus. In doing so, this will keep our ooops to a minimum and God’s white out of forgiveness will be spared the cover-up.