The Godzette
Volume 17, Fifth Edition Pricele$$

Whatever we experience in life we will survive it… if we have Jesus Christ as our savior. Survivorship rights means that you are entitled to the covenants established by God through the acceptance of Jesus Christ. This life does come with guarantees and promises from the creator of the universe and the maker of your soul who has given you the gift of salvation.

Survivorship rights are what you will experience after your death occurs. In the twinkling of an eye you will be in the presence of God, standing before his throne and part of his glory in Christ. You will be held accountable for the life that God has given you and what and how you used it for his will. He will have made it

known to you for what purpose you were to serve him. You will either have followed him or not; there will not be denial, excuse, compromise, or explanation acceptable for failure to do so. That will be the only thing black and white in heaven.

We will stand before Almighty God and our life will be presented as the proof of our acceptance or rejection. There will be no more chances or opportunities given. It will be the end of the line without an ounce of compassion or sorrow offered. We will have a full understanding of our decisions and choices and the repercussions of having made them throughout our lifetime. We will stand alone without God or united in Christ with God, but by any means we will be held accountable for an eternity in one existence or another.

True survivorship is an insurance package that offers us not something for nothing, but upon acceptance we are given a gift of being taken care of in case something happens and our life is taken. It is not a free ride without any demands or restrictions being attached. It is indeed for those like the name applies, for a survivor who has made the commitment and paid his dues and earned the right to lay claim to the promise made. The free gift from God only comes through obedience, submission, doing his will and being under his authority and rule. We will survive all obstacles, satanic attacks, persecutions and sufferings with the hope, faith and belief in our Lord Jesus Christ’s return. That is our survivorship right and adoption into the Kingdom of God, signed, sealed and delivered with the promise from a loving God of truth, holiness and without end.