The Godzette
Volume 16, Seventh Edition Pricele$$

Does It Matter?

When we get to heaven and we are in the presence of God’s glory for all eternity, experiencing his consuming love where tears will be shed no more; does anything negative that happened on earth really matter at that point? If it doesn’t, and it doesn’t, why dwell on it now and certainly not for the rest of our life. Let it go and let the Lord have his vengeance, because his Word promises us that the offence will be dealt with at his pace and time. As long as we are seeking vengeance and trying to do his job, he can not intervene and nothing will get done.

The only thing that matters in this life is living it to the best of our ability, with the gifts of love, peace and joy in our heart. To love someone else, anybody, more than we love ourselves. What really matters is helping the needy, someone that is badly in need of help. Possibly .

having compassion for somebody because we have been there at some point in time our self; having walked in their shoes and knowing but for the grace of God goes I.

What matters is purifying our minds and hearts in Christ. Living our lives in righteousness as an example, upholding truth and honesty as a witness that Jesus’ spilled blood was not in vain. Saying no to Satan and his temptations and rejecting his evil thoughts as they come into our mind. Rebuking every sin as it is presented to us, knowing that someday we will be glorified along with Christ and the payoff will be one thousand fold. We are to seek God and love him with our entirety, every day reading his Word and praying for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Let our prayerful thoughts guide us into perfection of the will of God. The only thing that matters on this earth is accepting Jesus as our Lord and savior and knowing that he is the Son of God who was sent here to atone for our sins by being crucified on the cross. It’s all about Jesus and that is all that matters