The Godzette
Volume 17, Sixth Edition Pricele$$

The love of money is the root of all evil, yet nine out of ten Americans do it. It is expressed in selfish desires and wanton lust of materialistic things. By comparison the love of Jesus is almost extinct and not commonly practiced. Money was the instrument that took his life and money is what separates us from him. Unfortunately, money is on our minds more than God himself. We think money is what makes the world go around, and in actuality it is God’s protective hands that keep our lives spinning. As this country continues to go into the red, we continue to print more money to keep afloat for appearance sake. A good analogy is a couple that dresses to the hilt and drives a new car, but can’t afford the price of a can of beans let alone the car payment. Their bank account and their lives are empty, living for themselves and not for the Lord.

Since the beginning of time Satan began bartering with man to never mind what God said and listen to him. Knowing that Jesus was the Son of God, Satan offered

him the world if he would bow down and worship him. From Adam throughout all generations Satan has promised mankind that he has something better. Since he is the great liar, deceiver and imitator there is nothing better than eternal life. How can God our creator of perfection and completion be improved upon? How can a world that has existed for thousands of years and survived function under the control of evil and despair without God’s assistance or existence?

When judgment day comes we will not buy our way out of trouble. It will be God’s grace that purchases the atonement price tag placed upon our lives of sin. There won’t be any bartering, printing of funny money or excuses acceptable on our behalf in lieu of payment. God will pass judgment and his vengeance of righteousness will rule upon our souls for eternity. We stand now in the middle of the crossroads with a decision of which direction to head in.