Weekly Prayers

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Weekly Prayer 39 - The End Times

Pray to our Father as there is chaos and opposition to His word and that these are truly the end times. At every turn are the signs of disorder and unruly challenges of resistance to His gift. Pray that the tribulation of ignorance will be swift but instructional.

Weekly Prayer 38 - Turning Away

Ask for forgiveness from the Father for eliminating His presence from our lives. We have removed Him from the schools, government and churches. He is nonexistent in our thoughts, prayers and our children. Pray that His love for us will endure and turn us from this evil temptation of living our own will.

Weekly Prayer 37 - Gods Goodness

Thank our Father for making His presence known in the hearts and faces of those that possess His goodness. It is a glimpse of His glory that reins forevermore, and without it life's emptiness and drudgery would become just that.

Weekly Prayer 36 - The Quickening

Ask God to help remove our laziness and stubborn pride in pursuing Him. Pray that the Holy Spirit will quicken our souls before it is to late. Create within us the desire to seek our Father.

Weekly Prayer 35 - Family

Thank our Father and Creator of all for allowing our families to love another and love God. Thank Him for the blessings and for the peace He instilles in their hearts.

Weekly Prayer 34 - A Reprobate Mind

Pray to our Father to ostracize and remove evil from people. Let their condemnation and judgment of others be rejected and fall upon their quick demise. Pray that God's word will touch their stubborn soul until surrender is all that remains. Let repentance persuade them because of the mounting disaster that will prevail.

Weekly Prayer 33 - My Everything

Praise to God that he is Lord God Almighty, our Master, our Savior, our Comforter and our everything! Pray to God to help us bow in humility and experience more of the sweetness of Jesus in our quest for Him. Thank Him for every day of investment that He gives us towards the ripening of our fruit for consumption.

Weekly Prayer 32 - A Soldier's Fight

Give thanks to the men and women who fight for freedom. Pray that they feel God's presence within their souls and know that they are loved beyond the words of telling them so.

Weekly Prayer 31 - God's Grace

Thank you God for allowing us to live in this country. Ask for forgiveness for not acquiring an appreciation of all His gifts, but taking it all for granted in our own selfishness. Pray to God to reduce our abundance and redirect it to the needy.

Weekly Prayer 30 - Sexual Perversion

Homosexuality is sexual perversion put into place by the devil himself as satanic warfare, in an attempt to undermine God's creation of the Messianic bloodline and make the offering of our sin debt through Jesus Christ impure.


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