"Come Hither" - A True Story

Moreover, the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the Lord bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound. Isaiah 30:26

There was a couple that lived in a beach house on Cape San Blas, a barrier island jutting out into the sea that is located at the top of the Gulf of Mexico on Florida's panhandle. The restrictive commercialization and low-density development is the present pride and future hope of this resort coastal community. All residents, whether local or transient, come to the cape to fulfill their dreams of peace and serenity. Thought by some to be a little piece of heaven on earth. They come from the four corners of the world to nap by the seaside on the sugar sand shores of paradise.

The couple was returning home by automobile in the late hours of the evening. Their eyes were focused on the road before them. The only source of illumination shone from the wedges of the headlights. The poor visibility was due to the nonexistence of streetlights along with the lighthouse beacon having been decommissioned. God's celestial night-light was a faint wisp of moon, and stars too innumerable to count.

At this particular moment they were following the gentle curve of the Cape in an area known as "the Stump Hole." It is a narrow strip of roadway that literally separates the St. Joseph Bay's fresh water from the salt water of the ocean. Its local notoriety is legendary as a fantastic fishing spot! Tonight the Lord was fishing from the mercy seat atop The Arc of the Covenant in Heaven. His line was cast amongst the lost souls in the baptismal waters of redemption. God was using the best harp's string that money can't buy, outfitted directly from heaven's sacred tackle box. The catch of the day would be "fishers of men," caught on Ten Commandment- pound test. The spiritual hook was set as the man saw a flash of white out of his driver's window. Unbeknownst to them, this glimpse of supernatural bait was about to change their lives forever.

Traveling at fifty miles per hour, the man turned to his wife and inquired, "Did you see that?"
"See what?" she inquired.
"Something white. A flash. I don't know exactly."

The lady shook her head sideways and her husband continued driving. Both of their minds cataloged the late hour and the off-season time of year, knowing that the Cape has little impact after summer. They knew it was rare if not impossible to see any activity. Although they didn't speak it, both rationalized it away with several appearances of shooting stars witnessed in the past.

Fatigued from the day and eager to arrive home, they pressed on. Stuck in the quicksand of their mind, their conscience gnawed at them that something wasn't right. They reached for the Christian life preserver of prayer.

Shortly thereafter, they found themselves turning around to go back.
This was the beginning of a well-devised and flawlessly executed rescue mission that would lead them directly to the footsteps of the Lord. God was about to perform a miracle before their eyes, completely eliminating the secrecy of his mysterious slight of hand from above. On the wife's side of the car was the flash of white that her husband had seen earlier. The headlights of the car spotlighted… a person walking - dressed in white! They slowed the vehicle to a stop and inquired, "Do you need a ride?"
The teenage girl stepped back and shook her head. "I live just around the bend," she reluctantly responded.

After the door of decline slammed in their face, they turned the car around and were homeward bound once again. What else could they do? They tried. But, God tried even harder. There was plenty he could do… and did!

When the Holy Spirit delivers a one/two punch of heavenly guidance you might as well accept the instructional value of your allocation in life and get on with it. That inner voice repeatedly told them that something wasn't right. They lived on the Cape for years and knew that there was not a house for miles. The girl's body language rang the bell of suspicion loudly. Something was wrong! Desperately wrong! They just knew it. Plucking their
heartstrings, God tugged at the chords of compassion and concern for the young girl's safety. He reversed their decision and the car to confront and make a counter offer. Pulling up alongside, the wife exited the vehicle and strode boldly to introduce herself to the teenager. Surprisingly she found that the teenage girl knew
her son and attended the same high school. Reassured, the youngster finally consented to accept the ride.
Backtracking the Cape to take the teenager home, she told them that she just started working the convenience store. Her ride was unable to pick her up on time, so it just entered her mind to start walking. That is when the final piece of God's puzzle dropped into place. As with the sudden appearance of an angel, another teenage girl materialized and was running down the middle of the road. Hysterical, she was flailing her arms in pandemonium flight. Doing jumping jacks of fright for attention, as if she was stranded on a deserted island and the last rescue plane was passing overhead. The couple stopped of course. The hysterical teenager approached screaming and crying that she and a girlfriend's car had spun out-of-control and swerved off the road just up ahead. Her girlfriend was thrown from the vehicle and lay unconscious!

Momentarily, they arrived at the accident site, having just passed by the area only moments before. Serenity was no longer in tact. Chaos ruled. The car had indeed careened off the road and flipped into the high grass. The engine was throttled and one headlight was ablaze silhouetting the unconscious girlfriend. She lay motionless, shallow breathing, with a gaping wound on her neck oozing life's blood. With the girl's face pressed into the dirt and nostrils snorting dust, her fate was in God's hands. How fragile life truly is. In an instant it can be reclaimed if our
Maker wills it. The couple immediately called 911 on a cell phone they had in the car. They comforted and applied pressure to her wound until the ambulance arrived.

God's miracle was orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. Simultaneously, he dispersed divine inspiration to all concerned prior to the accident occurring. First the teenager working at the store received a call from her father telling her that her ride would be late. She decided to walk. The couple saw her and turned around to give her a ride. In doing so, they happened upon the other girl and the accident. Additionally, if the lady had not mentioned her son's name the first girl would never had accepted the ride. Also, the fact that they had a cell phone to dispatch an ambulance which would save the injured girl's life. God's chain of discovery stretched forth unbroken and linked to the accident so that it could be remedied as quickly as possible.

A reservoir of detail floods life's experience daily as the omnipotent love that God has for each person of the six billion count encompasses whatever extremity is necessary in order to correct and fulfill each and every soul's purpose. Neither of the girls were wearing a seatbelt. God's marksmanship aligned both and threw them clear of the vehicle through rolled down windows. One went unscathed to get help. The injured girl had actually died en route to the hospital, then was resuscitated. She was paralyzed for many months. Praise God and Glory be to him, because with the Lord's help she has almost fully recovered with therapy.

The girl's name is Samantha Ambrose and she lives in Panama City. She has dedicated her life to the Lord and goes to high schools to talk about her near death experience. Uplifting to the student body, their lives are mirrored and change for the better. If anyone would like her to guest speak at a festivity please contact her through Show Me Thy Way Ministries.


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