Weekly Prayers 1- 9

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 Weekly Prayer 9 - A Stubborn and Rebellious Heart

Let us remember that we are here to serve God. Ask for forgiveness for compromising His word every moment that we live in the flesh. Be thankful for the Sonrise and the opportunity to serve our Lord and Savior.

 Weekly Prayer 8 - Building Blocks

Thank the Lord for the opportunity of believing in Him and creating all circumstances to build our faith. Having the persistence to hurdle those pitfalls placed before us in every day life through God's word will help us to sustain and do only His will.

 Weekly Prayer 7 - Completion

Thank God for investing in our souls with His living words. Life without it would have very little meaning. Thank Him for the blessing of prayer, praise, and the celebration of loving Him.

Weekly Prayer 6 - Mercy and Kindness

Praise the Lord for giving us life and being a part of our lives. With His overpowering love for us, He guides our lives allowing us to overcome the many pitfalls in our life.

Weekly Prayer 5 - From the First Breath

Thank the Heavenly Father for his creation of mankind. Thank Him for life's lessons and trials and errors that graduate us beyond our own selfishness into an awareness of others.

Weekly Prayer 4 - Suffering from Persecution

Open your heart to the Father, allow Him to penetrate your soul and teach you His word. Allow God to nurture and polish your soul as if it was a diamond in the rough inside the coal. Find the courage to pursue a relationship with the Lord.

 Weekly Prayer 3 - Opportunity to Serve

Giving thanks to the Heavenly Father for allowing us to turn to Him in times of need. Helping us grow and become appreciative of His love every day and looking forward to the joy of eternity in heaven.

 Weekly Prayer 2 - Salvation

Keep your mind strong and focused on the word of God. By keeping our minds clear and true, we may gain a little of the infinite knowledge the Lord possesses when we enter into the Kingdom with our Savior.

 Weekly Prayer 1 - Heaven Ready

So many times we forget that we are here to follow a path that is guided by the Lord. Pray with us as we give thanks for all that He does for us.


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