Weekly Prayers 20 - 29

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Weekly Prayer 29 - Passion for Christ

Trust in God to steer our course and build our faith with His signs and miracles. We should want to read about Him, talk about Him, live like Him and be like Him. The 4-H program.

Weekly Prayer 28 - Tighten the Noose

Pray to God that all evil be exposed and cast asunder, dividing the evil to turn against themselves. Make these assaults from Satan into something good for His glory and allow the light to conquer dark once more.

Weekly Prayer 27 - Core of the Soul

Within all of us there are thoughts that only you and God know. Let God show you the signs of approval and help manifest them into your world. Bury life's doubts and resurrect the glory of God so that you will be empowered to go forward.

Weekly Prayer 26 - The Blessing of Children

Give thanks and praise to God for children. Pray that all children develop a hunger for His guidance. Pray that they will be planted in Christian soil, and let us live by example to feed their roots until maturity.

 Weekly Prayer 25 - Compassion for the Needy

Pray to God, for the understanding and compassion for the needy. Ask God for help to see the pain and suffering of those in need and to be able to console them in Jesus' name.

 Weekly Prayer 24 - The Gift of Prayer

How wonderful it is to have a personal one on one talk with the creator of the universe. Prayer is a two-way connection with God that is never busy.

 Weekly Prayer 23 - A New Day

Let us experience the flawless design of our maker with all our senses and sensitivities as every new sunrise comes forth. Take notice of His beauty and pray for thanks that He allows us to live within His design.

 Weekly Prayer 22 - Knowing God

Know God as our maker better than we know ourselves. Let Him know that we can not wait for the day when he calls for us to come to Him.

 Weekly Prayer 21 - Obedience

Pray for God's love and understanding; having compassion, patience, and forgiveness for our ignorance and frailty in knowing Him. Stay true to His word and do not falter from it.

 Weekly Prayer 20 - Give Him Praise

We live by God's existence within us. Tell Him that we live for Him because He is always with us. Nothing else has any true meaning or value, only what He places upon it.


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