Weekly Prayers 10 - 19

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 Weekly Prayer 19 - Holy Temple Within

Thank God for the work He started building in each one of us and with His promise of completion. Give credence to our worth so that we may glorify Him.

 Weekly Prayer 18 - A Jealous God

Keep on thy narrow path that leads only to God and do not let anything distract you from Him. Replace any fears or trepidation with solid faith.

 Weekly Prayer 17 - A Calming Spirit

We all should give thanks to God for being so understanding. For letting us have the strength to stay focused and obedient to His word. With the grace of God, we all have the inner peace to deal with the rigors of every day life.

 Weekly Prayer 16 - Twelve Billion Souls

Thank God for creating all of us throughout the times. Appreciate that He guides and watches over us, never overpowering our individual will to grow and accept the Lord.

 Weekly Prayer 15 - In Union with God

God is with Man. No longer would a surrogate high priest be required to come forward and repent for our sins. Jesus became our repentance and sacrificial offering for eternity. Thank you Lord, for the payment of our sin debt so that we can be worthy servants of you.

 Weekly Prayer 14 - The Holy Spirit

Even though we can not understand the complexity of God's Trinity, we must accept who He tells us He is. Thank God for loving us before the world was even created.

 Weekly Prayer 13 - Crucify the Flesh

Clear my soul and life from sin. Only God can do this and through prayer. Ask Him for the strength to be the best we can be. Thank God for our creating us and being placed in this world to exalt Him through obedience.

 Weekly Prayer 12 - Holy, Holy, Holy God

Thank our Father for all that he is. For what He provides us is perfect and exact. God's perfection is displayed to us only through time. His beauty is all that there is.

 Weekly Prayer 11 - Bind the Devil

Trust that the strength will be there if you just believe in the Lord. Fight the sinful ways and express your praise to God. Ask our Father to strike our sins from memory and give us a mind and desire fashioned in heaven.

 Weekly Prayer 10 - Perfection

Praise God for his divine creation of us. Worship Him and let him know that you are understanding of all things as He guides us through our lives.


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