7 Jehovah Witnesses

I was returning from having painted a sign at First Baptist Church of Fountain in Florida and entered a rural development called Country Cottages. It was there on the road ahead of me that a car and van had stopped and seven occupants were inside, announcing themselves to be Jehovah Witnesses. They were all young teenage girls that had dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ and had set out to tell the world about it. Their innocence and determination was inspiring and their conviction toward their savior was just as compelling. It was refreshing to see and hear their testimony, and for them to know that their future of eternity was secure. It was not by coincidence or chance that we happened upon one another. Everyone realized this as the conversation intensified and the chance meeting became divinely inspired with surety of its preparation from above. God wanted all of us to see on both sides of the fence. They had to leave to meet someone else, but in doing so left with a new understanding. If someone is in Christ, is their perception wrong if it doesn’t line up exactly with ours? Jesus said, “Follow me.”


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