A Stitch In Time

I had a next-door neighbor that came by one afternoon and inquired if I had seen his cat named Stitch. He had been missing for two days, and the family was pretty upset by it because as with most pet owners it was like a child to them. I had asked about the name Stitch, thinking there must be a good story there, and there was. They thought the animal was a female and took it in to be spade. The incision was made only to find out that there were no ovaries. They made another incision in the appropriate area and discover that the animal was instead a male and that his testicals were receded inside his body, so they neutered him instead. Thus the name stitch because of the extra incision and sutures.

I informed him that I had not seen the cat, but we could pray for his safe return. The neighbor agreed and we prayed to the Father for the cat to return. We called upon the angels in heaven to find the cat and return him safely. We acknowledged that God knew every hair on our heads, and therefore knew the whereabouts of Stitch. It was also acknowledged the importance of the cat to the family and how much they missed him. We prayed that the cat would return safely and promptly. Four hours later the cat was crying at the door, hungry. God had answered our prayer in record time and blessed the cat with traveling mercies. He had been spared from harm and returned to people that loved him.


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