Soda Pop and Boiled Peanuts

I stopped roadside in the country to share the moment with a vendor named Tammy. She had ice-cold soda pop and hot boiled peanuts of which I did partake. We talked about Jesus and the importance of the number seven. After I explained the meaning attached to it of perfection and completion, and the significance of everything in the bible being created with the number seven, Tammy eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. She informed me that her mother was born on the seventh, and that her brother was born on her mother’s birthday. His weight was 7 pounds and 7 ounces. She told me that the number seven had always portrayed something important in her life, but she never understood why until this very moment. She said that her husband had died a couple of years ago from an automobile accident, in which he was drunk behind the wheel. She was left to raise her two boys of twelve and fifteen. She told me that her father was a pastor of a local church. She told me that she loved the Lord, and felt that God was always with her. She thanked me for stopping and said that this moment had answered a lot of her questions she had wondered about her whole life. I thanked the Lord for the experience of meeting Tammy, and prayed that her burden would be lifted.


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