I was riding through Orlando with my x-wife and coming back from my nephew’s funeral, which we had attended in South Florida. She is also a believer, and we were getting hungry and looking for a restaurant with a particular sandwich that we thought was Hardee’s, but in actuality was Arby’s. We pulled up and parked and saw a lady standing outside Hardee’s leaning up against her car, seemingly waiting for the restaurant to open. We tried the door, but it was locked. I asked her name and she informed me it was Miriam. She looked very troubled and seemed to be in much pain. We began talking and she shared the sorrow of her life and that she had lost her son recently and didn’t know if she would ever get past it. I consoled her and started to talk to her about Jesus, and God giving his only begotten Son for her redemption. She began to light up and realized that she was going to see him again some day. In that moment hope became her focus, and her spirits were lifted up and she thanked me for happening by. The door was suddenly opened on the restaurant and we realized we were at the wrong place. We left and began on our way thinking that we would have to do without that sandwich. Two blocks later, you guessed it; there was the Arby’s right in front of us. If God hadn’t guided our course that morning, we never would have had the blessing of Miriam in a thousand years


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