The Godzette
Volume 9, Seventh Edition Pricele$$
Go to Hell

When God turns you over to a reprobate mind you are on your way to hell; you do not get to pass go or collect two hundred dollars. At that point you are the furthest thing from God’s mind and you are headed for a place that was created for Satan and his fallen angels, where they will spend an eternity in their rebellion suffering with torment and pain.

All of your evil and wickedness will be with you in the eternal flames of the lake of fire. Your screams of agony will be drowned in the sea of the lost, who are crying out for relief from their suffering but get none. It is their destiny to feel the pain that they have inflicted on others through their evil works while here on earth.

After spending a lifetime of rejecting God and living with a rebellious heart of resistance, where pride and arrogance arm wrestle to be king, hell will fit like a tailored suit waiting for your burial. The stench of your resistance from God’s love and his commandments of purity in living will be common place in the pool of wickedness from which you were born and now return. His wrath will be poured out on your life like you never existed in his kingdom. Indeed, you will be lost and rejected by God with all your chances of acceptance withdrawn. The Holy Ghost will never be quenched again by your failure to recognize him. He will leave your soul in torment and remove the goodness from everything that touches you.

You were under Satan’s rule while here on earth and this will also be your domain in hell. Demons will tear at your soul for eternal entry, where there will be gnashing and grinding of teeth. Your every thought will be wicked and remind you of your choice for damnation. You will be reminded for eternity that Christ never knew you and you were ordered to go to hell.