The Godzette
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Good for the Kingdom

God says that all is good for the kingdom. When something is good for His kingdom, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is personally good for us by our standards. God talks about taking the least and making it mighty; his ways are not our ways. He asks us to take our wealth and give it to the poor, therefore storing our riches in heaven where rust and moths will not prevail. With these things in mind, God’s world is completely opposite of the world that man has created for himself and wishes to live in. The only case where more is better is when we are dealing with God’s love and the understanding of his Word.

When catastrophe strikes and someone loses a loved one, job, home, their sight,

a limb or any number of things during their lifetime, and some do more so than others, we think that there is no reasonable explanation for it. All we want to do is feel sorry for our self and blame God. If the premise is all is for the good of the Kingdom, and God is not a liar, we must suffer these ailments to not only relate to Christ and what his sacrifice was for, but also to bring forth the kingdom, because in someway that we may never know or understand the ailment or tragedy is going to touch someone else in a way that nothing else would have to draw them closer to God. If we truly love someone beyond our own selfishness, we would want that for him or her no matter what the sacrifice.

Since there is no importance placed upon the flesh in God’s kingdom, for we are souls just taking up temporary residency in anticipation of moving to the Father’s house, where he has established a mansion for us to reside in, it is clearly understood that the body is just a shell deteriorating. Renovation here on earth is just a patch job at best and we must learn to grow gracefully with old age in God’s grace. Anything outside of that is just plain pride, and God hates pride because the devil was full of it. The devil will not be admitted to the kingdom, so we must shun any of his ways and resist his temptations while here on this earth. However, even the devil and the evil itself is a necessary element by God’s design to bring the kingdom forth. This is the whole point for living life in preparation for heaven, as the bride of Christ to make our self ready. No one else is going to do it for us, nor if it was even possible should we want them to. It is about having a personal relationship with God Almighty and closing the gap at hand. It is okay to mourn the loss as a human being certainly, but never lose the focus of God’s promise that all is for the good of the kingdom. All means all.