The Godzette
Volume 9, Second Edition Pricele$$
God's Unconditional Love

We seek love from each other like it is a disposable commodity on a shelf in a super center, packaged in all shapes and sizes and wrapped with designer labels. We think when you run out of love, you just toss the empty and grab another six-pack to consume, expressing love to be shallow and useless with no looking back. That is why we have become a superficial society in dysfunctional array concerning relationships. Not only are we generic in our search for the real thing, but unwilling and unknowing of not only the pursuit but of what to look for. It is a conceptual thought or idea that is embedded deep within us since birth, when we are ejected from the womb, cut from the umbilical cord, and made to become self reliant and self sufficient to care for our own needs

throughout life. Thus the dilemma begins to find a suitable helpmate to feel complete and whole and grow together in a bond of harmony.

God’s unconditional love is the only complete understanding of acceptance for who and what we are without change, because he made us the way we are. His arms are always there to run to and embrace us with total support and nurturing. Yet, his experience of us is rejection. The very thing we say we want, we will not lay claim to with him. Some spend their entire lives running away from the acceptance of his love.

God not only crucified himself on the cross for each and every one of us, but he visits the lost in their dreams to open their ears and seal their instruction. This is to withdraw man from his purpose, and hide his pride from him, so that God’s will may be done and not man’s. God keeps back man’s soul from the pit and his life from perishing by the sword. In essence, the lost have their feet in the fires of hell, and God is pulling them back through repentance, to enlighten them with the light of the living. Why would he even waste his time? God doesn’t waste time. He created every soul with perfection, and the bible tells us that where a work has begun, it will be finished. God has all the time in the world to bring that to each individual’s attention and it is by his choice how long that may take, but through it all he loves us… unconditionally!