The Godzette
Volume 9, Sixth Edition Pricele$$
I-B-U Tryin' to go to Sleep

If you are eating Ibuprofen or Lexapro or any other number of anti-inflammatory pills or anti depressant pills like candy so that you can sleep, you have a problem. If your conscience nags you like you nag others in life causing insomnia and your only resolution is to pop pills to seek relief, rest assured that it would only be temporary and get you through the night… barely. The problems will still be there to greet you the following morning. You will not escape the very issue that keeps you captive, until you face the problem. In most cases the problem is you. Whatever the issues are that haven’t been dealt with, they are excess baggage that will follow you around throughout your life. If you don’t like you, how can you expect anyone else to?

Next time you seek the pill bottle, seek Jesus first. Get to know the Lord and love him with all your soul. He will give you rest and the peace in your life that you are seeking. His medicine will last a lifetime and will be more than a quick fix. Turn away from the rattle of Satan’s bottle next time it calls out your name. You will never have to hide again behind a mask of makeup, lies, deceit, dishonesty, or anything else that camouflages the truth. Without hesitation, let Jesus be your Lord and give you the freedom that you are searching for. There is nothing in this world so bad that we have to hide from its existence. Break the bondage and set yourself free from the burden of this sin. Tear away from the grasp that Satan has on your life. Take your disobedience and rebellion against God and turn it into the acceptance of his will for your life. Use His will to say no more pills.