The Godzette
Volume 9, Fourth Edition Pricele$$
Who Can I Trust?

The only thing on the face of this earth that can be trusted is God’s Word. In all the years of its existence not one lie has ever been found in the bible; not one contradiction; not even an instance of a questionable inaccuracy. God’s word is God’s Word… which is the infallible and inerrant truth established from the beginning. Anything coming from another human being’s lips given birth into this world is of doubt and deceit.

It is tainted with the sin of being questionable and examined for its inaccuracy. Satin planted doubt in the garden with Adam and Eve and has fertilized his crop of corruption with lies and deceit to make it ready for the harvest in man. This is how we have

arrived in finding doubt with our own thoughts and conversations. In God We Trust is no longer the mainstay or fiber of our existence founded by our forefathers. Instead, we will sell out to the highest bidder for our own personal gain and usually profited nothing with exception to regret. When we begin to trust in God, then and only then will his trust find us. Next time you are seeking someone to trust, trust in the Lord first and yourself second.